A Disclaimer on Book Synopses

One of the intended goals of this blog is to provide faithful overviews of various theological works that I decide to read. In some, perhaps many (I do not know yet), cases these works may be, as the saying goes, “mixed bags” orthodoxy-wise. Please understand that a book synopsis is different than a book review. A book synopsis simply aims at faithfully representing and distilling the author’s argument. A book review aims to inform the reader of what to expect from a book, both positively and negatively. In some cases, I may offer a review after completing the synopsis.

That being said, my disclaimer is that as you read these synopses, do not assume that simply because I am restating the author’s argument I agree with his or her argument. Do not swallow everything hook, line, and sinker. It all must be tested by Scripture, whether it comes from Cerinthus or Calvin, Pope Leo X or Luther, Socinus or Spurgeon.