English Bible Knowledge: Genesis

Genesis 1– ‘Upper register’ view of creation

Genesis 2– ‘Lower register’ view of creation

Genesis 3– 1) The Fall of Man  2) The maternal promise

Genesis 4– 1) Cain & Abel  2) The institution of the common grace sphere

Genesis 5– The generations of Adam

Genesis 6– 1) The spread of sin  2) The building of the ark

Genesis 7– 40 days and nights of rain

Genesis 8-9– God’s covenant with Noah

Genesis 10– Table of nations

Genesis 11– Tower of Babel

Genesis 12– The call of Abram

Genesis 13– Abram and Lot seperate

Genesis 14– 1) Abram rescues Lot  2) Abram receives blessing of Melchizedek

Genesis 15– God’s covenant with Abram ratified

Genesis 16– Sarai and Hagar

Genesis 17– 1) The institution of circumcision  2) The ‘substantial’ promise of the Covenant of Grace

Genesis 18– 1) Three ‘men’ approach Abraham  2) Abraham intercedes for Sodom and Gommorah

Genesis 19– The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah

Genesis 20– Abraham and Abimelech

Genesis 21– 1) The birth of Isaac  2) The casting out of Hagar  3) Abraham’s treaty with Abimelech

Genesis 22– 1) The sacrifice of Isaac  2) The confirmation of the Abrahamic promise

Genesis 23– Sarah’s death and burial

Genesis 24– Isaac and Rebekah

Genesis 25– 1) The sons of Keturah  2) Abraham’s death  3) the birth of Jacob and Esau  4) Esau sells his birthright

Genesis 26– 1) God’s promise to Isaac  2) Isaac and Abimelech  3) Esau marries a Hittite

Genesis 27– Isaac blesses Jacob (instead of Esau)

Genesis 28- 1) Jacob sent to Laban  2) Esau marries an Ishmaelite  3) Jacob’s Ladder

Genesis 29– 1) Jacob works for Laban in order to marry Rachel (and Leah)  2) Leah gives birth to Simeon & Judah

Genesis 30– 1) Jacob’s children by Leah & Zilpah, and Rachel and Bilhah  2) Laban’s deceitful wages for Jacob & Jacob tricks Laban

Genesis 31– Jacon flees from Laban

Genesis 32– 1) Jacob fears meeting Esau  2) Jacob wrestles with God

Genesis 33– Jacob meets Esau near Seir

Genesis 34– The defiling of Dinah

Genesis 35– 1) God renews the covenant promise with Jacob at El-Bethel  2) Rachel gives birth to Benjamin, then dies  3) Isaac dies

Genesis 36– The generations of Esau

Genesis 37– Joseph & his brothers

Genesis 38– Judah and Tamar

Genesis 39– Joseph and Potiphar’s wife

Genesis 40– Joseph interprets the cup-bearer’s and baker’s dreams

Genesis 41– 1) Joseph interprets Pharoah’s dreams  2) Joseph rises to power

Genesis 42- Joseph’s brothers come to Egypt for food

Genesis 43– Joseph’s brothers meet him a second time in Egypt

Genesis 44- Joseph tests his brothers

Genesis 45– Joseph reveals himself to his brothers

Genesis 46– Jacob and his household move to Goshen

Genesis 47– 1) Jacob’s family meets Pharoah  2) Pharoah consolidates power over Egypt

Genesis 48– Jacob blesses Ephraim & Manasseh

Genesis 49– 1) Jacob blesses his sons  2) Jacob dies

Genesis 50– 1) Jacob buried in the Promised Land  2) Joseph understands God’s providence   3) Joseph dies, to be buried in the Promised Land

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