Diagram of Turretin’s Divisions of Theology

I provided a brief overview of Francis Turretin’s discussion of the divisions of theology in his Institutes. Here is a diagram which should help to visualize the distinctions he was making. Click on the image to see it in full size.

9 comments on “Diagram of Turretin’s Divisions of Theology

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  2. Thanks for this. Fascinating stuff. Has spurred me to re-read the Institutes.

  3. westportexperiment says:

    I notice that Turretin took up the archetypal/ectypal distinction. Someone recently pointed out to me that Hodge mentioned nothing of it, though he was heavily informed by Turretin, whose theology had been used at Princeton up until that time. Any insight on that?

    Thanks for this diagram – helpful.

    • bwilkins82 says:

      Unfortunately, I do not own Hodge’s ST, so I cannot say for sure on this. If I remember correctly at some points Hodge’s approach to theological method ‘flirted’ with modern epistemology. Something about the Bible as a “storehouse of facts”… Anyway, if that assessment is true, then it is not surprising that he would diminish the archetypal/ectypal distinction.

      I do think you are right about his use of Turretin. Again, if I am remembering correctly, I think he used Turretin as the textbook for his classes. Griger produced a mildly englished version of the Latin for those Princeton students who could not read Latin fluently.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. greenbaggins says:

    This is almost identical to Johannes a Marck’s division in his Medulla.

  5. Jeff says:

    What program did you use to create the diagram?

    • bwilkins82 says:

      Hi Jeff,

      I used the diagram tool that comes with the various Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, etc.), and the the “Organization Chart” option (In Word, click on INSERT then DIAGRAM and its the one in the top left corner). Nothing fancy. Thanks for stopping by!


  6. […] 1. Diagram of Turretin’s Divisions of Theology […]

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