Calvin on God’s ‘Lisp’

“For who even of slight intelligence does not understand that, as nurses commonly do with infants, God is wont in measure to ‘lisp’ in speaking to us? Thus such forms of speaking do not so much express clearly what God is like as accomodate the knowledge of him to our slight capacity. To do this he must descend far beneath his loftiness” (Calvin, Institutes, Book 1, Chapter 13, Section 1).

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2 comments on “Calvin on God’s ‘Lisp’

  1. Tim Prussic says:

    Brandon, Dunno what it’s worth to you, but I was unfortunately influenced by the Rogers/McKim proposal before I went to seminary. They screwed me up… still kind of angry about that. Anyhoo… I wrote a thesis comparing the doctrine of scripture in Calvin and Turretin. In the area of accommodation, I think they were similar, but Calvin was more colorful (lisping, prattle, and all). I have a small article in the WRS Journal that’s written for a popular readership. It might be fun for you:

    Click to access Prussic–Scripture_Calvin_Turretin.pdf

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