The Contributions of Common Grace

“Abraham Kuyper’s project on common grace is a welcome contribution to larger discussions about the role of Christians in society. In recent decades, some evangelicals in the United States have struggled to discern how to live with a robust faith and proper commitment to cultural, political, economic, and social engagement. For many, it seems as if the only options for Christian engagement are either some version of Christendom, which can appear to be an effort to run society according to the express dictates of Scripture, or a form of alternative witness, which is a kind of antithesis that emphasizes the practices of the Christian community as opposed to direct involvement in

political or cultural domains. Common grace helps us to see that other choices remain. God’s sustaining work in creation encourages us to participate in the various areas of life, striving to discern the best ways to pursue education, art, politics, and business as we participate within these domains. Faithful Christian engagement means the pursuit of the fullness of human life in the totality of God’s created order. This neither requires ecclesiastical sanction nor life as an alternate polis. For sure, every context will require us to see how to pursue faithfulness in different ways, but we can be encouraged that God by common grace has made it possible for us to participate in the public realm in multiple ways that contribute to the flourishing of the created order.” -Vincent Bacote

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