Letting Science Be Science

“that science neglects its divine calling if it permits itself again to become a servant of the state or the church. Science is not a branch growing from the trunk of government service, and even less a branch that grows from the root of the church. Science possesses its own root, and science rests on this root. From this trunk that proceeds from this unique root, science must grow its branches and bear its fruit. As the well-known synodical report [at the 1896 GKN written by Herman Bavinck] expressed it with such complete accuracy, science is “a unique creature of God,” with its own principle of life, created to develop in conformity with that principle of life, that is, to develop in freedom….Just think: if our human life had developed in its paradise situation, apart from sin, then science would have existed there just as it exists now, even though its development would obviously have been entirely different. Even though its character underwent a remarkable alteration as a consequence of sin, it may never be said that like the state and the church, science arose because of sin and thus from an intervening grace. Without sin there would be no state, and apart from sin there would have been no Christian church, but there would have been science.” -Abraham Kuyper

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