Scientific Knowledge is a Collaborative Process

“Science is not the personally acquired possession of each person, but gradually increased in significance and stability only as the fruit of the work of many people, among many nations, in the course of centuries. From this fact proceeds the independent character of science. For science does not come into existence by first having one of the best architects produce a fully developed blueprint for the building of this temple, and then having subsequent generations labor quietly by common consent according to that original blueprint, in order eventually to build the temple. Rather, the entire temple is constructed without a human blueprint and without human agreement. It seems to arise by itself. Each one quarries his own little stone and brings it forward to have it cemented into the building. Then comes another person who removes that stone, refashions it, and lays it differently. Working separately from one another, without any mutual agreement and without the least bit of direction from other people, with everybody milling about, everyone going his own way, each person constructs science as he thinks right.” -Abraham Kuyper

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