Beauty Comes from God

“Let us note in the first place, then, that Scripture ascribes to the Devil no creative capacity. The world of beauty that does in fact exist can have originated nowhere else than in the creation of God. The world of beauty was thus conceived by God, determined by his decree, called into being by him, and is maintained by him. Beauty definitely does not exist only in what human inspiration or human ability produces, but also exists in the natural world that is a direct creation of God himself. The splendor of the firmament and the sparkling world of the starry sky are his. Jesus himself drew our attention to the beauty radiating in the plant world, when he spoke of the lilies of the field that neither toil nor spin, that nevertheless surpass the beauty of Solomon’s splendorous array. The beauty of nature is occasionally so overwhelming that the thirsty spirit cannot escape the sense of amazement. The heavens declare God’s glory, and the firmament his handiwork.1 Not only the general appearance of nature, whether in its summer garb or its winter apparel, can be so delightfully beautiful, but the individual parts of the organisms that God created are so exquisite in their beauty as well.” -Abraham Kuyper

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