Through the Resurrection of Christ, We Are Diamonds in the Rough

“By means of his resurrection, Jesus arose in the same body that had hung on the cross, and he appeared in glory to John on Patmos with this continually identical body. This makes us think of an uncut diamond that is soon to be cut. Remaining the very same stone, the finely cut diamond radiates an entirely different glory. People realize in advance that a diamond is nothing but a piece of coal, which is transformed into carbon through intense heat and exposure to oxygen in the air. If a piece of coal can become a diamond simply through the application of elemental natural forces, and by some polishing that diamond can obtain a most elegant luster, what would prevent God from transforming what is now on earth into the exalted luster of his glory? When Scripture tells us that the precious jewels that are now so rare on earth will be the ordinary building material in the New Jerusalem, we receive the very same mental picture that the minerals will remain the same, and that through a new chemical process, from what now exists the exalted heavenly divine glory will sparkle.” -Abraham Kuyper

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