When You See Something Beautiful You [Inadvertently?] Confess Your Desire for the Return of Christ

“Glory [Heaven] is, in fact, nothing other than a higher degree of beauty. It is beauty in its consummation, but still in a way whereby present beauty and coming glory are connected to one another, such that both are revelations of one and the same principle.” -Abraham Kuyper
BTW NOTE: What Kuyper is saying is that present expressions of beauty reveal in lesser degrees the beauty that will be revealed at the end of the age. In principle, ‘beauty now’ and ‘beauty then’ are the same thing. So, those who admire beauty (in creation, in art, in a person, in music, etc) cannot help but indirectly express longing for the world that Christ will usher in at his return–even if everything else about them is marked by unbelief. This is another example of the inconsistency of unbelief.

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