What Satan Offered Adam And Eve…

“What did the Serpent hold out to Adam and Eve that was attractive enough for them to consider stepping away from the one central thing for which they were made? He offered them an independent glory. If they would just step out on their own, they could be transcendent beings like God. The word for this is autonomy. Here was the lie (and one that is still being whispered in the ears of people every day): “The key to true transcendence is autonomy.” But it was a wicked and cruel lie. The quest for autonomy will always crush transcendence. Rather than the huge glories of living for the glory of God, I end up with little shadow glories filling the dim cubicle of my own glory. As 2 Corinthians 5: 15 makes clear, human beings were never meant to “live for themselves.” So, when Jesus touches me with his rescuing grace, he is freeing me from my bondage to me!” -Paul Tripp, The Quest for More

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