We Are All, Always Being Civilized By Someone’s Culture

“We all are at work building some kind of society or culture. We either give ourselves to building the culture of self, or we joyfully participate in building the culture of the King. Every day is shaped by the blueprints, laws, policies, structures, plans, politics, relationships, goals, purposes, and actions of some kind of civilization. If you are a human being you cannot escape this work. You and I are always being “civilized” and civilizing others into the culture of some kind of kingdom. When children are stuck in traffic with their irate father as he curses the existence of the auto-bound human beings who are in his way, they are being civilized into a way of thinking and responding to life. When a teenage boy mocks a classmate to gain status with his peers, he is civilizing his target. When a mother lovingly teaches her children how to live at peace with one another, they are being civilized. When a wife, in quest of material ease, spends their family into serious debt, she is civilizing her mate. When a pastor unfolds the transcendent glory of God before the people of his church, he is civilizing his hearers. We are always working to build some kind of civilization, and we are always pressing the rules and values of that civilization onto others. Let me give you an easy example.” -Paul Tripp

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