Doctrine and Devotion

“This bare statement of doctrine-the total providential control of God-can appear cold and impersonal, the stuff of theological discussion in comfortable armchairs. But consider this scenario:
As I write, my eye has caught sight of a framed picture that sits in my office. It is a picture of a young girl who suffers from a terrible brain malformation. She is now in her thirties, though the picture shows her when she was ten. From the moment of her birth, and the departure (within days) of her father, who could not face the prospect of raising her, her mother has cared for her with undying grace and devotion. As her daughter lives life in a minor key, her mother has found refuge in the assurance that the Lord is sovereign. His overruling providence explains the circumstance she now finds herself in, but it also gives her the resources by which she provides the love and tenderness that she shows each day. The doctrine of providence for her is more than a mere statement of doctrine, abstract and detached; it is the daily source of assurance that there is meaning and purpose in what is otherwise cruel and senseless. So it should be for us.” -Derek Thomas

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