The Jealousy of God

“Initially we might be a but worries about the notion of a jealous God. Do you want your mate to be constantly jealous? Yet even within the context of marriage, surely you want some element of jealousy, don’t you? Or is it going to be the kind of open marriage where both parties are allowed to sleep around with no repercussions–everybody’s happy with that? Isn’t there a sense in which if you really are committed to each other, a certain kind of jealousy to preserve the relationship is seen to be a good thing, a healthy thing, a wise reaction? And that reaction is among pairs, between peers. Now you have God, the God who made everything. We have returned to the situation we discovered in Genesis 3. The very nature of the first rebellion was idolatry. What is God supposed to say? ‘Ah, make up your spirituality as you go along Invent your own god. I don’t really care,’ That sort of response would deny who he is. It denies his role as Creator; it denies his exclusive function as sovereign sustainer of all of life.” -D.A. Carson


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