Bavinck: On the ‘Central Dogma’ Thesis

“There is no room in dogmatics for a system in which an attempt is made to deduce the truths of faith from an a priori principle, say, from the essence of religion, from the essence of Christianity, from the fact of regeneration, or from the experience of the devout. For dogmatics is a positive science, gets all its material from revelation, and does not have the right to modify or expand that content by speculation apart from that revelation.” Herman Bavinck, Reformed Dogmatics, Vol. 1 p. 44


3 comments on “Bavinck: On the ‘Central Dogma’ Thesis

  1. therev2011 says:

    So, let me ask a couple of questions, what do you think the central dogma thesis is? And if Bavinck held to a central dogma, what is it?


  2. therev2011 says:

    So, I’m going to ask you again to defend your comment. And if I don’t hear back, I’m going to delete it.

    (Nothing personal. It’s a rule I have about unsubstantiated criticisms–which at this point, yours is).

  3. therev2011 says:

    Not trying to be unreasonable, but that explanation isn’t sufficient for me. I still want to know what Bavinck’s central dogma was, and I’m not sold on your comment that he’s not critiquing central dogma here.

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