The Old Testament is Our Book

“The Old Testament does not belong— let me say it to you sensitively— does not belong to the Jewish people. The Old Testament is our book, and the things that happened in the Old Testament are our prehistory, yours and mine because we belong to Jesus. Bishop Maurice Wood was the prince of pulpit anecdotes. ‘A story for every occasion’ could be the title of his biography. He delighted to tell of a Frenchman who became a naturalised Englishman. He was asked, ‘Has it made any difference to you that you are now an English citizen and not a French citizen?’ ‘Oh yes,’ he said, ‘it has made all the difference in the world. You see now I’ve won the Battle of Waterloo!’ The Old Testament is our book. We should never find ourselves saying ‘They came out of Egypt.’ The Exodus redemption is my prehistory and yours. And what we call Old and New Testament is one magnificent story of God working out his age-long purpose of salvation, making promises and keeping them, inspiring predictions and fulfilling them, taking and preserving a people for his name and glory.” -Alec Motyer, A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Loving the Old Testament


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