Covenant: A Broad Term

“Part of the difficulty [in defining a covenant] is due to the wide semantic range of the word. In addition to being used to refer to the various covenant between God and man, the word is used to describe things as diverse as marriages (Mal. 2:14), personal bonds of friendship (1 Sam. 18:3), arrangements between a people and their king (2 Sam. 5:3), vows to put away foreign wives (Ezra 10:3), commitments to dethrone and replace a queen (2 Kings 11:4), and more. In addition, we find references to a berit [covenant] being made with stones and beasts (Job 5:23), with one’s eyes (Job 31:1), with Leviathan (Job 41:4), with death (Isa. 28:15, 18), and with the day and night (Jer. 33:20, 25).” Keith Mathison, From Age to Age , pg. 29


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