Why the Tabernacle Section is Sooo Long in Exodus

“The importance of the Tabernacle is indicated in the amount of space given to it in the Bible: first (Exod. 25– 31) the materials, measurements, furnishings and personnel of the Tabernacle are spelled out in detail; then (Exod. 36– 40) the same details are repeated, but this time describing the way they were constructed and put in place. We might well ask why such detail, and why twice over! The answer is given in Exodus 29: 42– 5. Far from being needlessly repetitious, the Tabernacle is the very reason why the Lord brought his people out of Egypt. To put it another way: the Tabernacle is the very purpose achieved by redemption through the blood of the lamb—‘ that I may dwell among them’. The beautiful and ornate Tent had a simple, specific purpose: they were a tent-dwelling people, and the Lord wished to dwell among them, and would have his Tent at the centre of theirs, as Numbers 2 shows, so that he could live among his people.” -Alec Motyer, A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Loving the Old Testament

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