Coincidence or Providence?

“Although Arianna Huffington called it “coincidence” rather than providence, she spoke of her delight in discovering the “magic power” of seeing things “come together.” She said, “I’ve always had a deep love of the mysteries of coincidence and how they can give us tiny glimpses of the structure of the universe—or even a glimpse into the fact that there’s a structure at all.”4 Huffington went on to speak of the benefits of rejecting the idea that “we live isolated and alienated in an indifferent universe”5 and (remember to substitute divine providence for her “coincidence” in this quotation): “People who notice coincidences most tend to be more confident and at ease with life. Every coincidence they experience—even the minor ones—confirms their optimism.”6 If Huffington could draw such optimism from coincidences, shouldn’t the Christian believer be able to draw much more from observing providence under God’s sovereign control?” -David Murray, The Happy Christian

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