TOC: A Christian’s Guide to Loving the Bible


1. Begin Here! – The value of the Old Testament

2. The Threefold Book– Discusses Jesus view of the Bible, and the threefold division of law, prophets, and writings; as well as teaching on the inspiration of Scripture.

3. Jesus and the not-so-silly Question- More on Jesus’ view of the Old Testament, as well as the New Testament’s view of Jesus.

4. Preparing for Jesus- How the Old Testament promises the coming of Jesus.

5. Bible Words have Bible Meanings– Interpreting New Testament words in light of Old Testament context; Ruth & “redemption”; and “covering”

6. Knowing God–  What the Old Testament teaches us about God & Creator; Creation; God’s rule over history and providence; God’s kingship and government over the world.

7. Following the Straight Line – ways we see how Old Testament and New Testament connect together

8. The Great Unities: One Book, One Covenant – overview of the covenants

9. The Great Unities: One God – The doctrine of God, the Shema, “The Lord of Hosts,” “the angel of the Lord,” “the Spirit of God,” “the Word and wisdom of God,” the Old Testament and the Trinity.

10. The Great Unities: One Way of Salvation – OT words about forgiveness, The Passover, Israel at Sinai, The Tabernacle, the Sacrificial system, substitutionary atonement,

11. The Great Unities: One Story, One Messiah – Christ and the stories of Kingship in the Old Testament (Judges- Chronicles), also Psalms and Prophets testimony to the coming King.

12. Practicalities: Prophets and Psalms – Brief overviews of Malachi, Amos, and Isaiah; Psalms and overviews of Pss 124, 100, 121

13. Over the Bridge – A look at Isaiah, and the New Testament fulfillment of certain OT ideas: 1) How “Fulfillment” of Scripture works 2) Sacrificial system 3) The City of God 4) The Promised Land 5)

14.Settling Down to our Task– Personal Bible reading practices,

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