Table of Contents: The Happy Christian

1 · Happy Facts Facts > Feelings = Positive+

Chapter 1 is on the sometimes uncontrollable sway of our emotions, and how we can gain mastery over them. It uses the Psalms as a guide for this.

2 · Happy Media  Good News > Bad News = Positive+

Chapter 2 speaks to issues of negative outlook, eagerness to criticize. Need to replace with Paul’s instruction in Philippians 4:8 and exhortation to meditate on the good, pure, and noble. The Gospel provides a new focal point.

3 · Happy Salvation Done > Do = Positive+

Chapter 3 focuses on the Law/Gospel distinction. In particular speaks of peace in conscience, to serve, and for life, and death.

4 · Happy Church Christ > Christians = Positive+

Chapter 4 is about overlooking faults in the local church (like hypocrisy, and the hypercritical) to see the importance of fellowship and community for happiness. In particular: talks about how to bear with the weaknesses of other Christians, and also the ‘inadequacy’ of virtual church to meet our community needs.

5 · Happy Future Future > Past = Positive+

Chapter 5 talks about the importance of remembering the past works of God (creation, redemptive-history, church history, world history, and personal history). But also talks about the problem of our past history of sin, and how to deal with it. Challenges us to contemplate the future God has for us. Discusses Christian hope. Also discusses the application and present benefits of hope.

6 · Happy World Everywhere Grace > Everywhere Sin = Positive+

Chapter 6 is about God’s common grace, and learning to find value in the world and in other people.

7 · Happy Praise Praise > Criticism = Positive+

Chapter 7 is about speaking words of affirmation, and being people who encourage. Also talks about right and wrong ways to give criticism.

8 · Happy Giving Giving > Getting = Positive+

Chapter 8 is about sacrificial giving and money. It’s also about giving thanks and gratitude. It applies principles of self-giving to marriage, leading, and following, as well.

9 · Happy Work Work > Play = Positive+

Chapter 9 is about vocation. Talks about God’s providential work through us. Talks about work as a form of worship to God. Also discusses rest and leisure, and danger of over emphasizing work

10 · Happy Differences Diversity > Uniformity = Positive+

Chapter 10 discusses multi-culturalism, racism, and how to reach out to those of a different ethnic background. Talks about pursuing diversity in the church.

Conclusion: Grand Total = Positive Faith = The Happy Christian

The “Conclusion” gets into the ‘yeah, buts…’ like: besetting sin, and suffering. Also points us ultimately to heaven.



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