Low Expectations?

“… if she wanted to be happy in life, she needed to lower her expectations, starting now. Margot has eaten in plenty of greasy spoons since then. There’s a Cuban-Chinese place La Isla des Perlas right near the theater. And it’s done nothing for her happiness level.” – Francine Prose, Mister Monkey

BTW NOTE: I found this passage humorous. Also it made me think of some bad ways to talk about expectations in life. It’s not wrong to have great hopes and dreams. And as this passage suggests the answer to potential failure in life is not to have no dreams or low expectations either. Low expectations in themselves does not make anyone happy. Rather, the Christian viewpoint is that we should have hopes and dreams, but place our greatest hopes and dreams in the Gospel and in Him who is strong enough to hold our hopes and protect them: God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


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