How Widespread is Full LGBT Inclusion in Churches?

“This latter point merits elaboration.  Nearly all of global Christianity disagrees with the PCUSA and Princeton Seminary on these issues [of full LGBT inclusion] and would align with Keller, who is not exotic or unusual in his stances. Half the world’s Christians are Roman Catholic. Another ten percent or more are Orthodox. Most of the rest are conservative evangelical or Pentecostal. The PCUSA’s liberal perspective is largely confined to a handful of declining denominations in North America, northwest Europe and Australia and New Zealand, collectively including not more than two or three percent of global Christianity.  Much of global Protestant Christianity, including Methodism and parts of Anglicanism, plus Pentecostalism, ordains women.  But almost none dissents from orthodox teaching on marriage and sexual ethics.” -Mark Tooley (

BTW NOTE: It’s a reminder how extremely small and insignificant the West is in relationship to the Global church.


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