John Owen, Christologia: A Declaration of the Glorious Mystery, Preface


[This project is being worked on two paragraphs at a time. So, it will be a while!]

[numbers indicate paras]

  1. According to God’s promise, Christ is a “precious cornerstone” to some, and he is a “stumbling block” to others.
  2. For believers, he is precious; giving them everything good unto eternity, delivering them from apostasy, and bringing them into friendship with God.
  3. Those to whom Christ is precious will want to spend their lives learning more about him, as well as trusting, loving, and honoring him. This is the real essence of Christianity.
  4. But for others, he is a rock of offense and many have ruined their souls by rejecting him.
  5. The only answer for the violence, perverseness, and confusion of the world is the Person, Spirit, Grace, and Authority of Christ operative in the hearts of people.
  6. The goal of this treatise is to help believers grow in these truths of Christ.
  7. In respect and gratitude for the early church’s witness and defense of these truths, Owen will supply quotes from the Fathers on the points he will cover in this treatise.
    [What ensues is a survey of the chapters with said quotes from Fathers]
  8. Chapter 1 will be on Christ’s statement that he is the Rock upon which the church is built.
  9. Owen provides quotes from Ignatius, Origen, Eusebius, Epiphanius.
  10. He also quotes Augustin on the issue.
  11. page 8, para 1

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