If He Only Did That One Thing, It Would Still Be Enough to Praise Him

“The fact that God is the creator should make us stand in awe. Nicky Gumbel writes:

On 20th August 1977, Voyager II, the inter-planetary probe launched to observe and transmit to earth data about the outer planetary system, set off from earth traveling faster than the speed of a bullet (90,000 miles per hour). On 28th August 1989, it reached planet Neptune, 2,700 million miles from the earth. Voyager II then left the solar system. It will not come within one light year of any star for 958,000 years. In our galaxy there are 100,000 million stars, like our sun. Our galaxy is one of 100,000 million galaxies. In a throwaway line in Genesis, the writer tells us, “He also made the stars” (Genesis 1: 16). Such is his power.

God created all things. If he had done nothing else, this alone would make him worthy of glory and honor and power.” -Andrew Wilson, Incomparable



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