God’s Name: I AM



“You see, the name “I am” means more than just that God exists. It means he matters. When Moses says, “Who am I?” God shows him that it is irrelevant, because he has the “I am” on his side, and that is what matters. Remember, Moses already believes in God, but God doesn’t want this on the edge of Moses’ thinking. He wants it smack-dab in the center. I’m sure you learned at school that the air we breathe is almost all made up of nitrogen (80 percent) and oxygen (20 percent). 1 If I asked you if you believed in nitrogen, you would certainly say yes. But if I asked how nitrogen affected your life, you would probably admit that it made no difference. You would believe it was there, but you would never have thought about it or even particularly wanted it, and it certainly would not affect your decisions. Oxygen is a different story, though. You would believe in it, but you would also know how dependent you are on it: to breathe, to burn fuel, and so on. You would know how difficult life is without enough oxygen, and it would drive all sorts of your decisions, from holding your breath underwater to using an asthma inhaler to preserving the rainforests. Most people are “nitrogen believers” in God. They believe he is there, but they never acknowledge their need of him or let him influence their thinking. They certainly don’t make decisions with reference to him. Believing in God is not enough. To be a disciple is to be an oxygen believer: someone who realizes how earth-shakingly important God is, how much he matters in every way, how he is the “I am.” -Andrew Wilson, Incomparable



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