What It Means to Say God Will Provide

“In fact, both the English and Hebrew words here have the sense of “seeing.” Our word “provide” is made up of two parts: “pro” (meaning before, as in “proactive”) and “vide” (meaning see, as in “video”). The Hebrew word yireh is similar, and carries the sense of “seeing to” something. God always sees what we are going to need before we get there, and so he sees to it, by providing for us in advance. Or, as one Bible teacher puts it,

God stood at the beginning of history and saw everything as though it were present. And he saw to everything he saw. There wasn’t a thing God saw he didn’t see to, so we don’t need to get worried about what we can see, because God already saw it and saw to it![Judson Cornwall]”

-Andrew Wilson, Incomparable


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