Dark Energy and Union with Christ

“Scientists tell us that something called dark energy makes up about 75 percent of the universe. But the fascinating thing is, as one of today’s leading scientists admits, “no one knows what it is.” 1 So there’s something real, but invisible, and central to the world in which we live, something that permeates all we see and know, and not only do we rarely talk about it, but we’re not even sure where to start. If you’re wondering, Why do I need to know about union with Christ? Is it really necessary? I’ve gotten along fine thus far without understanding it. Perhaps you feel that union with Christ is like dark energy— invisible, mysterious, impractical, because it’s true that you can get through your whole life having never once thought about dark energy. And most of us do. But we have seen, in the last two chapters, that union with Christ is central to the gospel, biblically and historically.” -Rankin Wilbourne



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