Antinomianism described from the ‘inside’

“Men trust to the grace and mercy of God, and look not after a change; and this holds many from embracing the gospel in the truth of it; from knowing Christ as the truth is in him. They hear they must be changed, which they are unwilling to. They believe that God is merciful, and that Christ died, &c. They snatch so much of the gospel, as may serve to build them up in self-love. So far they think all is well. But when they see such, grace as must teach them ‘to deny ungodliness and worldly lusts,’ Titus ii. 12, and such grace as must change and alter them, this they cannot brook. They are content to go to heaven if they may have it in a way to hell; in maintaining their corruptions; being proud and covetous and worldly, as they are. This must not be. Of necessity there must be a change.” -Richard Sibbes, Glorious Freedom



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