The Loss Experienced on the Cross

“Even though we’re all familiar with loss, and some losses are agonizingly grievous, we’ve never experienced the loss that was known in heaven when the Father sent his Son to earth (1 John 4:14). Even though we are quite familiar with separation in relationship, we can’t imagine what it cost the Trinity to redeem us. Think about the Trinity: here was a relationship that was completely perfect in every way. There was an abundance of love and joy flowing in eternal reciprocity between the three members of the Godhead. Never was there a shadow of doubt about commitment, affection, honor. Complete faithfulness, complete agreement, complete self-sacrificing delight, and complete transparency forever and ever. As I said, we can’t imagine what our sin cost him. We can’t imagine the depth of a love that would sacrifice such joy for the good of another.” -Elyse Fitzpatrick, Comforts of the Cross



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