Unity, Not Uniformity

“Uniformity is very different from unity. It’s based on clone-like similarities. That’s what makes uniformity so comfortable. It’s naturally cohesive. When everyone walks, talks and looks alike, it’s not too hard to get along. There aren’t so many issues to work through. It’s rather easy to be patient, kind, and forbearing with a clone of myself. I understand where you’re coming from. I know what you mean. I feel your pain. But uniformity is not what Jesus died for He didn’t come to break down the dividing walls that separated Jews and Gentiles, slave and free, women and men so that we could coalesce around a boring blended homogenous middle. Quite the contrary. He came to save us in our differences, not from them. God delights in our diversity. Many of our greatest differences are an essential part of his sovereign plan. He actually made us that way on purpose.” -Larry Osbourne, Accidental Pharisees


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