Why is Jesus Said to Be “Seated” at God’s Right Hand?

“What is Jesus doing at the right hand of God? Did you notice? He is seated. “If then you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God” (Col. 3: 1). It’s a visual picture of Jesus’s words “It is finished” (John 19: 30). He’s sitting down because the work he came to do is done. The work of atoning for our sins is complete (Heb. 10: 10). The record of our debt has been canceled (Col. 2: 14).” -Rankin Wilbourne, Union with Christ


Christ’s ascension is beneficial to us

“Then again after his resurrection and ascension, he did give the Holy Ghost more abundantly than before to his church, because now he is in heaven, and hath the advantage of the place, being exalted on high. As that glorious creature the sun, by the advantage it hath being placed in the heavens above us, is able to shine upon the greatest part of the earth at all times; and we need not call the sun down from its place to come into our houses, or fields, or gardens. No. Where it is seated in its proper place or orb, it hath the best opportunity, in most abundance and largest extent, to send down heat and light, and influence to inferior things. So Christ doth his church more good now he is in heaven, from whence he sends the Spirit, than he could do if he were below; because though his human nature be confined in heaven, his person is everywhere.” -Richard Sibbes


The Supreme Political Act of History?

“The ascension of Jesus was the supreme political event of world history.” –RC Sproul

BTW NOTE: this is speculative. One could argue the cross is the supreme political event, because turning the other cheek and suffering, as Jesus did on the cross, is an unheard of way for a King to conquer the world–but that is how Jesus did it. Or one could say that Palm Sunday is the supreme political event, since there we see the humble nature of Christ’s kingship. Or one could say the resurrection is the supreme political event, because Paul says in Romans 1:4 that it was by the resurrection that Jesus was powerfully shown to be great David’s greater Son. Or one could argue the return of Christ is the supreme political event, etc, etc. However, I post the quote because the ascension is certainly an important political event, as Jesus ascends “far above all rule and authority” to the right hand of God, where he rules over everything for the sake of the church (Eph. 1:21-23).