Like Adam and Eve, (And Unlike Nudist Colonies) We Cover Our Shame

“Do you know that there is a theory to nudist colonies? Oh, I know that some nudist colonies are merely an excuse for sexual orgy. But the best nudist colonies–if I may speak of nudist colonies on a moral scale–have a certain philosophy to them. The idea is that if you could be completely open and transparent in one part of your life, then sooner or later you could foster openness and transparency in every part of your life. So we begin with physical transparency–complete openness, nakedness–and maybe down the road we’ll all become wonderfully open, candid, honest, caring, loving people. It never works. But that’s the theory. The reason it never works is that we have so much to be ashamed of; there is so much we need to hide.”

BTW NOTE: Thus, Adam and Eve in the garden being naked and unashamed before the Fall speaks of a profound freedom that was lost in the Fall, but can be regained in Christ.