Dwelling in Our Hearts

“The heaven of heavens cannot contain Him, and yet He condescends to find a house within our hearts.” -Charles Spurgeon, from sermon “Living Temples for the living God”


Mysticism is Not Super-Religious It’s Sub-Religious

“It is to that sub-human, non-personal level that the mystic seeks to degrade our communion with God.” -J. Gresham Machen, The Person of Jesus: Radio Addresses on the Deity of the Savior

We Are Not Being True to Our Created Selfhood, When We Are Selfish

“True humanity is never to be found in autonomy, because human beings were wired to live in necessary community with the Creator. So anytime I functionally live for myself, I am denying the things for which I was made and opening my life to the negative fruit which will result. From day one, Christ was meant to be the focus of the life of everyone he created. That is the paradigm of the garden.” -Paul Tripp

Murray: Intelligent Mysticism

“It is necessary for us to recognize that there is an intelligent mysticism in the life of faith… of living union and communion with the exalted and ever-present Redeemer… He communes with his people and his people commune with him in conscious reciprocal love… The life of true faith cannot be that of cold metallic assent. It must have the passion and warmth of love and communion because communion with God is the crown and apex of true religion.” -John Murray