We Need the Church

‘The Lord’s people are called to help each other grow up. We are called to know and be known by each other. We are called to counsel each other, to be change agents in each other’s lives.’ -David Powlison

The Downward Spiral of Covetousness

“Thus, there are stages of desire. Someone can be caught off guard by an immoral desire. He can continue to nurse [stage 1] that desire. He takes another step by surrendering his will [stage 2] to that desire and thus develops a plan [stage 3] to satisfy that desire. Finally, he translates that desire into a deed [stage 4]. These are four stages discussed frequently in the literature dealing with this commandment.” J. Douma, Ten Commandments

The Logic of Fear (and Other Emotions)

“There is a logic— a language— to fear and anxiety, just as there is to most emotions. Anger says, ‘You are wrong.’ Embarrassment or shame says, ‘I am wrong.’ Fear says, ‘I am in danger…'”
“Implicit in ‘Life is dangerous’ is ‘I am vulnerable.'”
Listen [to fear] and you hear: “I am not in control.”
-Ed Welch, Running Scared