2nd Commandment: God Must Not Be Domesticated

“The second [commandment] enjoins us to recognize the transcendence of God. ‘You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below’ (Exod. 20:4). The prohibition preserves the distinction between Creator and created thing. As soon as you start saying ‘Good looks like this’ (whether a fish or a mountain or a human being), somehow God gets reduced. He becomes something that we can encapsulate, domesticate, and thus in some measure control. But we saw that from the beginning, that is not the way God wants us to understand him. There is but one Creator, and he is to be distinguished from all of the created order. God must not be domesticated.” -D.A. Carson

The Jealousy of God

“Initially we might be a but worries about the notion of a jealous God. Do you want your mate to be constantly jealous? Yet even within the context of marriage, surely you want some element of jealousy, don’t you? Or is it going to be the kind of open marriage where both parties are allowed to sleep around with no repercussions–everybody’s happy with that? Isn’t there a sense in which if you really are committed to each other, a certain kind of jealousy to preserve the relationship is seen to be a good thing, a healthy thing, a wise reaction? And that reaction is among pairs, between peers. Now you have God, the God who made everything. We have returned to the situation we discovered in Genesis 3. The very nature of the first rebellion was idolatry. What is God supposed to say? ‘Ah, make up your spirituality as you go along Invent your own god. I don’t really care,’ That sort of response would deny who he is. It denies his role as Creator; it denies his exclusive function as sovereign sustainer of all of life.” -D.A. Carson

What We Need

“Genesis 3 shows what we most need. If you are a Marxist, what you need are revolutionaries and decent economists. If you are a psychologist, what you need is an army of counselors. If you think that the root of all breakdown and disorder is medical, what you really need is large numbers of Mayo Clinics. But if our first and most serious need is to be reconciled to God–a God who now stands over against us and pronounces death upon us because of our willfully chosen rebellion–then what we need the most, though we may have all of these other derivative needs, is to be reconciled to him. We need someone to save us.” -D.A. Carson

What Broken Fellowship With God Is Like

“One of the results of this guilt [incurred through Adam’s Fall] is broken fellowship with God (see Gen. 3:8-10). However spectacularly wonderful the pleasure of enjoying intimacy with God, captured in the picture of walking with God in the cool of the day (3:8), now it is gone. We can catch some small glimpse of this wretched slide through human analogies. If you have been married for ten years in a really good marriage characterized by genuine intimacy and not a little joy, and then for some abysmal reason you slip up and sleep with someone you should not be sleeping with, and you know it and your spouse knows it, the old easy intimacy is shattered.  You cannot look each other in the eye anymore. Shame engulfs you. You hide. Even if good efforts are made to heal the breach, there are certain things you cannot talk about anymore. That is why throughout the Bible human sin before God is sometimes described as analogous to sexual betrayal.” -D.A. Carson

‘Take And Eat’ Brought Sin, In Christ It Bestows Salvation

“the language ‘take and eat,’ which Christian recite at the Lord’s Supper it is impossible not to recall the later use of this pair of verbs. ‘She took… and ate.’ ‘So simple the act and so hard the undoing,’ someone has said. ‘God will taste poverty and death before ‘take and eat’ become words of salvation.'” -D.A. Carson

How Did Humanity Become Like God ‘Knowing Good and Evil’?

“This is an entirely subversive promise. God knows good and evil with the knowledge of omniscience: he knows all that has been, all that is, all that will be, all that might be under different circumstances–he knows it all, including what evil is. But the woman is going to learn about evil by personal experience; she is going to learn about it by becoming evil.

An illustration may help. My wife is a cancer survivor. She is a fairly highrisk survivor, and so the doctors still watch her very closely. The oncologists know a great deal about the disease–from the outside. She knows cancer from the inside. God knows all there is to know about sin, but not by becoming a sinner. The woman will find out about the knowledge of good and evil from the inside. In that sense, what the serpent promises is a total lie.” -D.A. Carson

The First Doctrine Rejected in History

“The first doctrine to be denied, according to the Bible, is the doctrine of judgment [Genesis 3:4, “You will not certainly die.”]. In many disputes about God and religion, this pattern often repeats itself, because if you can get rid of that one teaching, then rebellion has no adverse consequences, and so you are free to do anything.” -D.A. Carson