The thing about ‘miracles’

“Satan has his miracles” [too]. -John Calvin

Spiritual Warfare

“Behind the pieties of the pagan world, Christians believed, lurked forces of great cruelty and guile: demons, malign elemental spirits, occult agencies masquerading as divinities, exploiting the human yearning for God, and working to thwart the designs of God, in order to bind humanity in slavery to darkness, ignorance, and death. And to renounce one’s bonds to these beings was an act of cosmic rebellion, a declaration that one had been emanicipated from (in the language of John’s Gospel) ‘the prince of this world’ or (in the somewhat more disturbing language of 2 Corinthians) ‘the god of this world.'” -David Bentley Hart, Atheist Delusions, pg. 113