Your God-Given Spam Folder

“Scientists estimate that for every hundred pieces of information that enter our brains, ninety-nine end up in the spam folder.1 Noticing only one thing out of every hundred is a good thing. As many suffering autistic people will tell you, if you don’t have a good mental spam filter, you can be overwhelmed with useless and harmful data.” -David Murray, The Happy Christian


Keeping First Things, First

“It is a bad symptom of any man’s state of soul, when he begins to put the second things in religion in the first place, and the first things in the second, or the things ordained by man above the things ordained by God. Let us beware of falling into this state of mind.” -J.C. Ryle

Test It Out

“Take no truths upon trust, but all upon trial.” -Thomas Brooks

BTW NOTE: This probably requires a nuance of some sort, because taken absolutely it is naturalism. How does one ‘take upon trial’ the truth that Christ was resurrected as the firstfruits of our resurrection? Perhaps the trial is made of the evidence that the Scripture that teaches this is divine revelation? Or that the resurrection has a better argument in support of it than any other humanistic or religious hope?

Doctrine without Zeal

“Doctrine without zeal is either like a sword in the hand of a madman, or else it lieth still as cold and without use, or else it serveth for vain and wicked boasting.” -John Calvin, from his comments on Acts 18

BTW NOTE: I previously had a corrupted version of the quote posted: “Zeal without doctrine is like a sword in the hand of a lunatic.” That is how I found the quote posted in several places on the internet, but a few commenters have pointed out to me that this was an incorrect version of the quote. I apologize for disseminating false information. The incident has changed my approach to posting quotes. From now on, if I cannot verify the authenticity of the quote, I will not post it. It really is a matter of speaking truth. (and yes, I will slowly work through all the older quotes here to get this cleaned up).