Life as Church

Whenever you’re there, you’re supposed to be opening up your life so God can give you common ground with people who are not like you. This is where we live out the gospel. The gospel is supposed to bring people together who wouldn’t naturally be together. That’s the nature of it. “ – Eric Mason


The Unity of the Church

There’s no peace like God-sent peace. And this is what should mark us as the people and the family of God. We are the sheepfold, the body, the new humanity, chosen race, new creation, the elect, exiles, royal priesthood, living stones, and temple of the living God! All of this speaks not of our individuality, but of our connectivity through Jesus’ death by faith.” – Eric Mason

Real Life in the Church

“Members of a church body aren’t always going to get along. It is probably safe to assume you’ve experienced this in some form. As we live real life together, it’s inevitable that we will experience conflicts and maybe even real fights. As sinners walk in the light together, there will be conflict. As I began to plug into the church and the feelings of a honeymoon began to dissipate, I quickly learned that we weren’t always going to agree. But though we didn’t always agree, the gospel prevailed. I share this only to stress that though God used the church to mold and grow me, it wasn’t always easy. I don’t want to give the impression that because I had great friendships and solid teaching, I was always content. I didn’t always rejoice in the goodness of God over the differences. As a matter of fact, our differences challenged me from time to time to evaluate my priorities. I could have taken an easy way out several times, but I chose to stay. This was not always easy, but it was worth it.” -Trillia Newbell, United

Being Comfortable is Not Part of Our Calling

“Now, let me be clear: when I first became a Christian, I might have been able to find a local church in which everyone looked like me, in which each aspect of the worship was exactly how I’d desire, in which other aspects of church life I could fully relate to, and in which sound teaching was proclaimed. But is that really what we are after? How can we fulfill the Great Commission to go and make disciples of all nations if we all seek only churches in which we are comfortable? Does God call me to be comfortable and fulfill all my needs? Even though I was a young Christian, I knew that I wasn’t called to be comfortable.” – Trillia Newbell, United