‘Take And Eat’ Brought Sin, In Christ It Bestows Salvation

“the language ‘take and eat,’ which Christian recite at the Lord’s Supper it is impossible not to recall the later use of this pair of verbs. ‘She took… and ate.’ ‘So simple the act and so hard the undoing,’ someone has said. ‘God will taste poverty and death before ‘take and eat’ become words of salvation.'” -D.A. Carson

Creation is to be Enjoyed

“Did God create food only to provide for necessity and not also for delight and good cheer? So too the purpose of clothing apart from necessity was comeliness and decency. In grasses, trees, and fruits,  apart from their various uses, there is beauty of appearance and pleasantness of fragrance… Did he not, in short, render many things attractive to us, apart from their necessary use.” -John Calvin