On Atheists and Foxholes

‘The Devil was sick, the Devil a monk would be.’ as quoted in C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves


Protestant Popery

“Then again, if we would be spiritual, let us take heed we trust not too much to dead things, without Christ; to have a kind of popery in the work done; to think that reading, and hearing, and receiving the sacrament, and that the government of the church will do it, as if it were as man would have it.” -Richard Sibbes

A Prayer Before Listening to a Sermon or Reading the Bible

“When we go to hear a sermon, when we take up the Bible to read a chapter alone by ourselves, or in our families, we should lift up our eyes and hearts and voices to heaven; we should say to Christ, Lord, join thy Spirit, be present with us; without thee thy word is dead, our hearts are dead, and will harden under the means, and darken in the light, and we shall fall under the heavy condemnation of these secure and formal times, If thou leavest us.” -Richard Sibbes


Children Are Better Humans, Adults Are Better Pharisees

“Look at children, see all humanity. Whereas adults cover up and hide, children are unadorned and open. They lack sophisticated facades and cultural trappings that quietly add layer upon layer to our adult experience. With children, you get the real thing.” -Ed Welch, Running Scared
BTW NOTE: I suppose that someone could ‘push back’ on the title to this post, pointing out that adults are wise enough to know they shouldn’t share everything they think and feel, even if it really is true to how they feel at a given moment. But that same reflex that leads us to cover up the undesirable aspects of our nature, can be twisted by sin into a lifestyle of deceiving ourselves and ignoring our inconsistencies.