Why it Matters to Confess that Jesus is *The Son* of God

“The temptation to gloss over the fact that Jesus was the Son, in our hurry to get to the fact that he was God, is a temptation to be resisted. His sonship explains so much about what he did among us because it is the secret to his personal identity. “God” describes what Jesus is, but “Son” describes who he is. That is why the perception of his sonship takes us into the heart of the doctrine of the Trinity.” -Fred Sanders, The Deep Things of God


God Loves the Gospel

“The Puritan theologian Thomas Goodwin taught that the proclamation of the gospel was the “bringing forth and publishing” of a mystery that God had treasured from all eternity and that “the things of the gospel are depths—​​​the things of the gospel . . . are the deep things of God.” – Fred Sanders, The Deep Things of God

Not a Side Project, but an Eternal Mystery

“The salvation proclaimed in the gospel is not some mechanical operation that God took on as a side project. It is a “mystery that was kept secret for long ages” (Rom. 16:25), a mystery of salvation that goes back into the heart of God, decreed “before the foundation of the world” (Eph. 1:4; 1 Pet. 1:20).” – Fred Sanders, The Deep Things of God