What Kind of Father Do You Imagine Him To Be?

“Do you think he’s a demanding, impatient, angry Father just waiting for an opportunity to punish you? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you need the comfort that only the gospel can bring…” -Elyse Fitzpatrick, Comforts from the Cross



What does it mean that God is “God the Father”


In Incomparable, Andrew Wilson offers some helpful thoughts on the theological dynamics of the  Fatherhood of God:

  1. He is the source of life.
  2. He adopts us into his family.
  3. He gives us the family likeness.
  4. He knows our needs, and provides for us.
  5. He disciplines us.
  6. He is compassionate toward us despite our sins.

Not a Bad ‘Self-Talk’ to Begin the Day With

“Each morning that greets me is full of hope,
Not because I am successful at what I am doing,
Or because the people near me appreciate me,
Or because circumstances are easy,
But because God is and he is my Father.
To look at the morning in any other way
Is to believe a lie.
To live in hope is to live in truth;
To live in truth is to bring Him glory;
To bring God glory in my daily living
Is the highest form of worship.” -Paul Tripp

The Perfect Father

“When I talk to someone who is having difficulty using the word Father and wants to choke on it when he refers to God, I usually advise him that, as hard as it may be, to focus on the word that comes before it, our, because “our Father” is not his father. “Our Father” is not the father who violated him. It’s our Father in heaven, our Father who has no abuse in Him, who will never violate anyone. We all need to learn to use this phrase and transfer to God the positive attributes that we so earnestly desire and so seriously miss in our earthly fathers.” -R.C. Sproul

Jesus Reveals God the Father

“The German theologian Joachim Jeremias, a New Testament scholar, did a study in which he searched through the Old Testament  writings and existent rabbinic writings from ancient Jewish sources. He could not find a single example ever of a Jewish writer or author addressing God directly as Father in prayer until the tenth century AD. He found examples of God being referred to as “the Father,” but the word Father was never used in a direct form of personal address.” -R.C. Sproul