Obeying Simply Because God is Good

“Besides, this [godly] mind restrains itself from sinning, not out of dread of punishment alone; but, because it loves and reveres God as Father, it worships and adores him as Lord. Even if there were no hell, it would shudder at offending him alone.” -John Calvin


Doctrine without Zeal

“Doctrine without zeal is either like a sword in the hand of a madman, or else it lieth still as cold and without use, or else it serveth for vain and wicked boasting.” -John Calvin, from his comments on Acts 18

BTW NOTE: I previously had a corrupted version of the quote posted: “Zeal without doctrine is like a sword in the hand of a lunatic.” That is how I found the quote posted in several places on the internet, but a few commenters have pointed out to me that this was an incorrect version of the quote. I apologize for disseminating false information. The incident has changed my approach to posting quotes. From now on, if I cannot verify the authenticity of the quote, I will not post it. It really is a matter of speaking truth. (and yes, I will slowly work through all the older quotes here to get this cleaned up).