Resurrection Healing

“I know a woman with some chronic illness who, occasionally you ask her: ‘How are you feeling,’ ‘Doesn’t it hurt,’ ‘Aren’t you in a lot of discomfort?’ And she says, ‘Nothing that the resurrection won’t cure.'” -Tim Keller, “How to Overcome Waves”

Finding Yourself in God’s Story

“As Christians, we have a grand story that makes sense of and gives hope to our individual stories which are fraught with heartache and sorrow. In our past lies the Lord’s death; in our future lies the Lord’s coming. We need to tell ourselves this story often enough that the narrative of our life becomes not what has happened to us in those painful past events, but what God has done and is doing and will do for us. We need to enjoy this story often enough that our identity is more shaped by who we are to God than who we were in our past. By celebrating and remembering this as a habit, the old memories, while they may likely never go away, will dissipate into the background and be displaced as the only or main narrative that drives your life.” -Tim Lane, Living Without Worry: How to Replace Anxiety with Peace