Augustine Against Biblicism

“But perhaps someone will say that the word ‘adoption’ is not actually found in Holy Scripture [in Luke 3, part of Augustine’s argument that Joseph was adopted and thus had two fathers, thereby explaining the discrepancy in genealogies]. As though it were of any importance what word is used for it, when the thing itself is there…” -Augustine, Christmas and Epiphany Sermons

The Difficulty with Reading the Old Testament

“Sandra Richter, in The Epic of Eden, describes what she calls the “dysfunctional closet syndrome,” in which she compares the Bible, particularly the Old Testament, to a closet jam-packed with all kinds of stuff— clothes, shoes, books, games— but so disorganized you don’t know where to put things or how to find things when you need them. So we shut the door and tell ourselves that we’ll sort it all out someday. Sound familiar?” -Rankin Wilbourne