We’re the Projection

“God is not a projection of our needs; we were created for him. If anything, we are a ‘projection’ into reality created for his pleasure.” -Sinclair Ferguson (unverified)


What Communicable Attributes May or May Not Mean

If we think of God as having some attributes which we also possess, we may conceivably be doing it for one or the other of two reasons. In the first place, we may be doing it because we are making God in our own image. But, in the second place, we may be doing it because God has made us in his image.” -J. Gresham Machen, The Person of Jesus: Radio Addresses on the Deity of the Savior

Man as a Microcosm

“Certain philosophers, accordingly long ago not ineptly called man a microcosm because he is a rare example of God’s power, goodness, and wisdom, and contains within himself enough miracles to occupy our minds, if only we are not irked at paying attention to them.” -John Calvin

We Are Not Being True to Our Created Selfhood, When We Are Selfish

“True humanity is never to be found in autonomy, because human beings were wired to live in necessary community with the Creator. So anytime I functionally live for myself, I am denying the things for which I was made and opening my life to the negative fruit which will result. From day one, Christ was meant to be the focus of the life of everyone he created. That is the paradigm of the garden.” -Paul Tripp

God Refuses to Become A Citizen of Your ‘Little Kingdom’

“when I am content to live in my little kingdom of one, it is God who gets squeezed out. He will not shrink himself to the size of my solitary kingdom. He cannot abandon his only glory or deny his sovereign plan. He will be God, and he will not be anything else. The kingdom that is to capture and motivate us was meant to be no smaller than the size of his grandeur. I was never meant to shrink the size of my life to a size smaller than the contours of his glory. I was never created to establish my own kingdom, but to give myself in wholehearted, sacrificial devotion to his. The psalmist in Psalm 145 captures the expansiveness of this kind of living with a picturesque phrase. He says that the greatness of God no one can fathom. A fathom is a measurement of water depth. When something is fathomless, it means it is so great that it cannot be measured. It has no bottom to it. The psalmist is basically saying that if you lined up every human being who has ever lived, and if they each dug down into God’s greatness, one after another, they would still not come to the bottom of it! His glory is just that deep. The size of my living was meant to be connected to the depth of his greatness. The fathomless greatness of God is the more that I was designed to live for.” -Paul Tripp

How to Find Peace

“You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realizing who you are at the deepest level.” Eckhart Tolle
BTW NOTE: Couple caveats. These ideas need to be rightly understood to be a true source of peace–namely my identity as an image-bearer redeemed through the blood of Christ. So it is the identity God gave to me, not one I made for myself.