The Author of Sin?

“[The Apostle] John considers [the devil] as the author, leader, and architect of all malice, and iniquity.” -John Calvin

BTW NOTE: Calvin is referring to 1 John 3:8

Glory To, Glory For, Glory In

“It is staggering for me to perceive that the Lord Jesus Christ is the glory of the Lord revealed to us. It is more staggering to grasp that he is the glory of the Lord revealed for us. It is most staggering of all to understand that he is the glory of God revealed in us. “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”” -John MacArthur

Why Biblicism Isn’t Biblical

“What prevents us from explaining in clearer words those matters in Scripture which perplex and hinder our understanding, yet which conscientiously and faithfully serve the truth of Scripture itself, and are made use of sparingly and modestly on due occasion?… If anyone, then, finds fault with the novelty of the words, does he not deserve to be judged as bearing the light of truth unworthily, since he is finding fault only with what renders the truth plain and clear?’ -John Calvin

What the Mercy Seat Tells You About Images

“The mercy seat from which God manifested the presence of his power under the law was so constructed as to suggest that the best way to contemplate the divine is where minds are lifted above themselves in admiration. Indeed, the cherubim with wings outspread covered it; the veil shrouded it; the place of itself deeply clear enough hidden concealed it… What, indeed, I beg you, did those paltry little images mean?… [That] veiling the mercy seat with their wings they might bar not only human eyes but all the senses from beholding God, and thus correct men’s rashness.” -John Calvin