The First Doctrine Rejected in History

“The first doctrine to be denied, according to the Bible, is the doctrine of judgment [Genesis 3:4, “You will not certainly die.”]. In many disputes about God and religion, this pattern often repeats itself, because if you can get rid of that one teaching, then rebellion has no adverse consequences, and so you are free to do anything.” -D.A. Carson

Calvin: Haunted By Transcendence

“At this point we ought to note that, however much they struggle against their own senses, and wish not only to drive God thence but also to destroy him in heaven, their stupidity [!!] never increases to the point where God does not at times bring them back to his judgment seat.” -John Calvin

BTW NOTE: I quote this from Calvin, simply because it reminded me of Charles Taylor’s comment that the secular world is haunted by transcendence. In this quote, we see that Calvin was saying that long before Taylor.

Table of Contents for Ed Welch, Running Scared

Part One: Initial Observations
Chapter 1. A World of Fear
Chapter 2. Your Fear
Chapter 3. Fear Speaks
Chapter 4. Anxiety and Worry Chime
In Part Two: God Speaks
Chapter 5. Do Not Be Afraid
Chapter 6. The Manna Principle
Chapter 7. The God of Suspense
Chapter 8. Worry about Worry
God Speaks on Money and Possessions
Chapter 9. Do Not Worry
Chapter 10. The Message of the Kingdom
Chapter 11. When the Kingdom Isn’t Enough
Chapter 12. Grace for Tomorrow
Chapter 13. “Seek My Face”
Chapter 14. Where Is My Treasure? Whose Kingdom?
God Speaks On People and Their Judgments
Chapter 15. Do Not Trust in Man
Chapter 16. Love More Than Need
Chapter 17. Fight Fear with Fear
God Speaks on death, pain, and punishment
Chapter 18. Fear of Death
Chapter 19. Fear of Judgment
Chapter 20. A Glimpse of Heaven
Chapter 21. Already Dead
God Speaks: Peace Be with You
Chapter 22. “I Will Be with You”
Chapter 23. “I Promise”
Chapter 24. “Pray”
Chapter 25. Bring on the Worst

The True Canaan in the Consummation

“However the day will come when our greater Joshua will lead us into this land. Christ will return as the commander of the Lord’s armies, and with his sword he will devote to destruction all the evil that has invaded his land. We will finally take full possession of our inheritance in the true land of milk and honey. This will be the land we’ve always longed for, the land that Canaan was always pointing toward, the land where we will finally be at home.” -Nancy Guthrie, The Son of David