What ‘Incarnational’ Ministry Is

“We follow Jesus not simply by promoting what he says but by embracing his way of doing things— his modus operandi. We choose self-denial and, if necessary, suffering, all for love’s sake. A single word that describes Jesus’ modus operandi is incarnation. He let go of his glory, rights, privileges, and freedoms as the eternal Son in order to join us fully in our human condition and to serve us there. But he did so without taking on our values. In other words, he always took his orders from outside the world he had entered. And for that reason he never quite fit in and in the end suffered death at the hands of those he came to serve. When Jesus tells us to follow him he means for us to follow this same pattern. We fully enter the world as its friends while taking our orders from outside. If that means we suffer, then so be it.” -Charles Drew

False Hopes, Wrong Kingdom

“Your hope is absolutely attached to what kingdom you are serving. If your life is defined by how many of your little kingdom purposes you can realize, you will tend to be stressed, controlling, anxious, disappointed, and fearful. You have defined your life by what you cannot control and by what God has not promised. Sadly, it is all very self-defeating. But if your hope no longer rests on your personal wisdom, strength, and character, if it no longer rests on the acceptance and performance of other people, and no longer rests on the belief that circumstances, institutions, and situations will not fail you, then you are beginning to move toward reliable hope.” -Paul Tripp